I dabble in a bit of writing from time to time and have written feature articles for online travel, lifestyle and pop culture publications.

You can find examples of my work below.

Culture & Lifestyle

SBS | The Vietnam War is the reason for my being Australian

SBS Life | Dear second-generation Aussies: Are our cultures dying out?

SBS Life | The difference between the expat bubble and migrant struggle

Huffington Post | We Can’t Be 100 Percent Sure Of Our Relationship 100 Percent Of The Time

Huffington Post | I Will Never Be A Domestic Goddess

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The Cusp | Should you talk about how much you earn at work?

The Cusp | The questions you need to ask yourself before going freelance


Huffington Post | I’m A Travel Snob — Get Me Out Of Here!

Frankie | Flying solo

AWOL | Some Fresh Ideas For Your Next Romantic Island Getaway

AWOL | Perth’s Best Drinking Nooks


Email me at camha.pham [at] gmail.com if you’d  like to discuss any freelance writing projects, collaborations or commissions.